Hip-Hop Rumors: What Did Jay-Z Surprise Solange With For Her Birthday?

Beyonce's younger sister Solange turned 26 over the weekend, and her brother-in-law Jay Z and big sis were on hand to make sure Solo had a birthday to remember. First, Beyonce surprised Solange with a helicopter ride over London, that compelled Solange to share a photo of the adventure with her Instagram followers along with the message, "We are family."


Then, according to the Daily Mirror, at the stroke of midnight, Jay-Z gathered Beyonce, Kanye West, and Rihanna backstage at his BBC Radio 1 Hackney show and led a chorus of 'Happy Birthday.' Jigga presented Solange with a cake and champagne and the singer was reportedly really moved by the gesture.

''It was really sweet. Solange hadn't even noticed that it had turned 12am when Jay got everybody singing together. She was really touched.''


The birthday celebration was a nice way to end a rumored dramatic day for Jay and Bey. According to reports, Beyonce was upset by a 'fan' during Jay-Z and Kanye's performance when the 'fan' allegedly began harrasing her and talking badly about her baby girl, Blue Ivy.

A source said, “Whatever was said, it really upset Beyoncé. Jay-Z’s bodyguards weren’t going to have any of it. They waded in and there was a massive ruckus. It got pretty ugly and Beyoncé was whisked away so she wouldn’t get caught in the middle of it.”

That ish cray! Happy belated birthday, Solange!