Hip-Hop Rumors: What Made Flavor Flav Flip Out And Grab Two Knives?

AllHipHop Staff

Our lovable Hip-Hop mascot Flavor Flav is not so lovable anymore, according to the Las Vegas police report stemming from his arrest for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon yesterday.

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The police report says that Flav and his 39-year-old fiance began arguing over his alleged infidelity. The argument quickly escalated into a violent altercation, with Flav allegedly ripping her earring out of her ear and pushing her to the ground twice. The woman's 17-year-old son was in the house and tried to intervene - that's when Flav allegedly grabbed two knives from the kitchen and began to chase him around their home.

Flavor Flav mug shot

According to TMZ, the teenage boy fled to a room and locked the door to escape Flav's rampage. This is where it gets a little fuzzy. The report says that Flav kicked in the door and waved the four-four....well, not exactly. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Flav allegedly kicked in the door and began waving the two knives and allegedly threatened to kill his stepson!

Flav is currently out on $23,000 bail and has to appear in court to address the charges next week. For the record, Flav denies ever chasing his stepson around the house with the knives and says that he never threatened to kill him. Is Flav back on that yayo? What could have sparked this alleged spazz out of epic proportions?


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