Hip-Hop Rumors: What's The 411? Mary J. Blige Defaults On $2 Million Loan

AllHipHop Staff

Mary J. Blige is having a bad year. First, the whole chicken fiasco went down with her KFC commercial, then the singer's charity with Steve Stoute, "The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now Inc," was accused of stealing scholarship students.

Now, the singer and her husband Kendu Isaacs, have defaulted on a $2.2 million loan.

According to the Huffington Post, Signature Bank filed a lawsuite against MJB and Kendu in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, seeking to recoup the original loan plus $58,000 in interest. The suit alleges that the loan was taken out in October 2011, and it was all good until Mary and Kendu stopped making payments in July 2012.

mary j blige and Kendu

Mary is yet to comment on the lawsuit, but expect her to say something on Twitter any day now. Mary has 50 million albums worldwide - there's no way she's broke...right?

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