Hip-Hop Rumors: What Southern Rapper Is Coming After Nas?

AllHipHop Staff

Man, oh man, there must be something in the water because some of these rappers have sure been guzzling on the hater-ade! There is one rapper in particular that's been on a hating crusade as of late, and now he's trying to come after the GOD emcee, Nas. This mumbling, bumbling rapper can't even light a candle to Nasir Jones, yet in a recent interview, he was bold enough to try to diss Nas and cite his money trouble. The audacity!!!

I won't keep you in suspense for too long - the rapper poppin' ish is none other than Rodric Davis, better known as Gucci Mane. Hood Affairs TV caught up with Rocco in the studio, and Gucci just happened to be in the house and was more than ready to spew his hater-ade. Check out what he said below:

gucci mane

"Does Nas make a 150 blood money per week off a mixtape," Gucci asked in a video. "Yeah, blood money. Nas' f*cked up right now. Yeah. Me and you got [whips], I just bought me [something]. Don't you have a drop top? ... You got the white one, I'm getting the black one? Nas got one? [laughs]"

Is Gucci seriously trying to come after NAS???? Do you think Nas should respond to this foolery, or should he not give Gucci the satisfaction and even reply to it?

Check for Gucci pouring the hate on Nas in the 3:50 mark:

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