Hip-Hop Rumors: Where Is Jim Jones? Juelz Santana Says He Could Have Signed With Cash Money/YMCMB!

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Ever since his reality show flopped and his Vampire Life album sunk, Jim Jones has been mighty quiet on the music front. I guess he and Chrissy are wishing they would have stuck with "Love & Hip Hop: NY" at this point, huh? That's what happens when you think you're the ish and you're not. (This is Sydney Lace's opinion and not that of AllHipHop, and dammit, I'm entitled to it!)

Juelz Santana

In a recent interview with Sway on MTV's Rap Fix, Juelz dropped a few jewels (pun intended) about his friendship and musical relationship with Lil' Wayne. Juelz revealed that he is still aiming to release his upcoming album, Born To Lose, Built To Win, and he dropped a huge bomb, revealing that Lil' Wayne will be executive producing his album, plus he spills the beans about having a chance to sign with Cash Money/YMCMB! Check out what he said below:

Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana

"It's big to me and it's a beautiful thing but Wayne is like my brother. So I knew once I asked him to do it... I'm sure if I would have went to Cash Money I could have went to Cash Money/Young [Money]...but people look at me like a boss...so for me the best thing to do was to reach out to him and figure out how we can still make it the best thing possible. I figured asking him to executive produce my album would be a great thing he agreed to it so that's going to be coming up after God willing."

Do you think Juelz should have signed with Cash Money or YMCMB? Are you excited about his upcoming album, and do you think Weezy's executive producing the album will make a huge difference for his record sales?

Check out the interview with Juelz Santana below:

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Does this mark the official end of Dipset?


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