Hip-Hop Rumors: Which Famous Strip Club Is Getting A Reality Show?

Lil' Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross have all shouted out this popular Miami strip club in their music, and Tyga is even dating one of their popular strippers. Yes, I'm talking about the King Of Diamonds. KOD is rumored to be getting its own reality show - AMEN!

The show, which is appropriately titled "Make It Rain", will focus on club host and booty bass legend Disco Rick, the in-club barber shop, and footage of star dancer Tip Drill, the stripper who became famous after she almost broke her neck sliding down a KOD pole.


Baller Alert reports that "a big network picked up the show.. and I'm not talking about VH1 or BET."

I wonder if any of KOD's more famous celebrity and athlete patrons will be making any special appearances? We do hear that the show will feature fights between strippers! That alone will have me tuning in. Are you planning on watching the show?