Hip-Hop Rumors: Which Southern Rapper Is The Tax Man After Now?

After going after Nas, Young Buck, Ja Rule and Lil' Kim to name a few - the IRS is after another one of our Hip-Hop heads. Southern rapper Bubba Sparxx is the next on the tax man's hit list, reportedly owing $30K in back taxes.

According to documents filed in Georgia, Sparxxx, who was once Timbaland's prodigy, was originally in the hole for about $15K for the bill which stems from 2006, but interest and fees have almost doubled his debt.


The State of Georgia is now garnishing Bubba's wages through BMI, a music company that dishes out royalties to artists. From March through May of this year, the state has already grabbed $3,622.45 ... which represents all the money Bubba was owed by BMI.

Bubba released a new track recently called, "I'm Back", hopefully it helps him pay off his bill. Check out the video below:

When will these rappers learn? Who do you think is next on the tax man Hip-Hop hit list?