Hip-Hop Rumors: Wyclef Said Lauryn Hill's Son Zion Was Too "Yellow" To Be His Baby

AllHipHop Staff

According to Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill led him to believe that her first child, Zion, was his baby all the way up until the baby was born. In a recent interview with the "Wendy Williams Show", Wyclef revealed that the baby was too light-skinned to be his child.

Check out what he said below:

“I was there, I came to the hospital (and) I just knew. When I looked (at the child)… all babies don’t look alike, that was a yellow baby, that wasn’t my baby.”
Below is a photo of Lauryn with her son Zion when he was about two years old:

Lauryn Hill and son Zion

I wonder why Lauryn didn't tell Clef sooner that the baby wasn't his? There is a possibility that she just didn't know whose baby it was. Dang, talk about "Lost Ones." Do Wyclef's recollections taint your image of Lauryn Hill?

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