Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Buck Buys Back Auctioned Off Items - Plus, Epic Fail Of The Day!

AllHipHop Staff

Things may be looking up for Young Buck. After having his personal possessions being auctioned off for pennies on the dollar last week, Buck claims to have bought back several items from his own auction. The G-Unit outcast posted these tweets below shortly after the auction took place.

Young Buck tweet
Young Buck Screen Shot

His mentality is crazy. Buck even claims to have bought back a fur coat, just to give it away. Huh? Check out the tweet below:

Young Buck tweet

Here's is an Epic Fail of the Day candidate for you. Some poor sap shelled out 3 stacks at Young Buck's auction for a hard drive. He thought it would contain Young Buck's unreleased music on it. Music he thought he could "make a bank roll" off of. Unfortunately for him, the IRS already took all of the music and wiped the hard drives clean. EPIC FAIL! Check out the video below to see how the local news covered Young Buck's action and the dudes reaction to the hard drive being "worthless."