Hip-Hop Stays Alive! L.A.'s 93.5 KDAY Sold To Meruelo Media

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Los Angeles Old School Hip-Hop Radio Station 93.5 KDAY was purchased by a group called Meruelo Media (also based out of Los Angeles) for an undisclosed amount on Wednesday December 12, although the new company is not set to take over until January of 2014.

The good news for Hip-Hop fans is that the new owners plan to keep the station in its current format and also plan to invest in to its expansion, which could also mean a stronger signal - a longtime complaint of those in the L.A. area. The station was previously in a purchasing agreement with RBC Communications, who were planning on changing the station's format to an all Chinese Mandarin format, however that deal fell through several months back.

93.5 KDAY is unique in the sense that they allow longtime fans of Hip-Hop to enjoy the music and the hits they grew up with which can no longer be heard on the radio, an outlet that tends to only focus on what's current. It also gives a boost to artists who have catalogs of music in reaching audiences that were too young to remember their initial releases.

AllHipHop.com would like to congratulate the staff of 93.5 KDAY and the new owners for doing their part in keeping Hip-Hop alive in the radio market. We also have exclusive interviews coming up with KDAY radio personalities DJ Brandi Garcia, Class1c and DJ Dense - so stay tuned for that!