Hip-Hop Summit Agenda Announced


Simmons,organizer of the Hip-Hop Summit

that will bring together the entertainment industry to

address the serious issues abounding in hip hop, today

announced the four major points to be addressed in the

meetings that are being scheduled at the June 12-13th

event in New York City. Simmons also named the key people

who are involved in putting these meetings together.

The four major

issues that will be addressed at the Hip-Hop Summit are:

1) To get

hip-hop artists and the entertainment industry to take

back responsibility

in addressing the serious issues surrounding hip-hop

as a culture--a culture that has grown into an international

lifestyle promoting certain values and ethics. This industry

is taking greater strides at being accountable for the

social, political

and economic impact the music has on the society at


2) To provide

an opportunity for conflict resolution among some of the

artists who have expressed differences of opinions.

3) To look

internally, within the industry, to the function of A&R

and marketing in

elevating the art form.

4) To come

together to hear inspiring messages from Honorable Minister

Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Run, Original Gang Member/Mediator

Michael Concepcion, NAACP CEO/President Kwesi Mfume,

RIAA President Hilary Rosen, Congresswoman Maxine Waters,

Minister Ben Chavis

Muhammed, and Jewish leaders, who will challenge

the industry to help transform society into a better place

for all people. The agenda for the Hip-Hop Summit is inclusive

and the outcome of the Summit will be inclusive. All people,

from all communities, stand to benefit from a successful

national Hip-Hop