Hip-Hop Summit Takes Place In Houston, Texas

The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network's (HSAN) Hip-Hop Summit took place today in Houston, Texas.Russell Simmons, Master P., Reverend Run, Damon Dash, Ice Cube, Beyonce, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, Erykah Badu and others gave thousands of youth advice and answered questions."This was the best Hip-Hop Summit yet," Simmons told AllHipHop.com. "We registered over 20,000 voters and inspired many people.""We are just like you," Ice Cube said. "We come from the same environment you come from. Everything we got, we worked hard for and that's all it takes."Cube added that none of the celebrities hosting the summit had "not truly made it, until we all have made it.""To me, one of the most important things Hip-Hop can do is get people to understand the common threads of poverty," Simmons added. "The blessing is being able to work and have opportunity."Reverend Run, formerly of Run-DMC and Simmons' younger brother, told those in attendance to be weary of "small minded people.""Your uniqueness is what makes you special," Run told the crowd. "If you have something unique, you need to share it with everyone."An impromptu meeting between Source founder Dave Mays and Russell Simmons took place, behind closed doors.The results of that meeting were not clear, but sources stated the two men attempted to iron out their differences over Simmons' acceptance of Eminem's apology for using the N word and the growing rift between Simmons and The Source.