Hip-Hop Violinist To Be Honored In Israel

Miri Ben-Ari will be the first person to receive the first Martin Luther King Jr. Israeli Award during a ceremony that will be hosted by Israeli President, Shimon Peres tomorrow (January 15) in Jerusalem.

Ari, known as "The Hip-Hop Violist," is being honored by the Fellowship of Israel and Black America (FIBA) for her outreach to African-American youth and culture through her song "Symphony of Brotherhood," which both feature clips of Dr. Martin Luther King.

The single was used as a PSA for the Viacom Dream Concert at Radio City Hall, which took place in September of 2007.

"Being a third generation to Holocaust survivors, I have always believed in the fight against racism," Miri Ben-Ari said.

FIBA, which was founded by Pastor Glenn Plummer, aims to establish a permanent Martin Luther King Center and Memorial in Jerusalem to promote unity in Israel.

In addition to President Peres, other political figures behind honored during the evening include Rev. Kenneth James Flowers and United States Ambassador, Richard Jones.