Historic Quad Studios To Reopen In New York City This Weekend

A legendary recording studio that is steeped in Hip-Hop folk lore will reopen this weekend in New York City.

(AllHipHop News) Quad Studios will reopen their doors to unveil a brand new recording studio next weekend, in a newly renovated space in Times Square.

The recording studio is the site where legendary rap star Tupac Shakur was originally shot in 1994, setting off a chain of events that would eventually lead to the deaths of both Shakur (1996) and Biggie Smalls (1997).

Outside of the infamous incident involving Tupac, the Quad Studios was already historical studio that produced dozens of gold and platinum album over the past 30 years.

Artists like Rihanna, Coldplay, Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Shabba Ranks, Gerald Levert, Bob Dylan and others have recorded in the studio.

An invitation-only event will take place Friday (October 21) from 7:00PM-10:00PM.

For more info check out The Quad’s official website.