Hollywood Shuffle: Denzel Is #1, Charm School for Jamie Foxx? Hip-Hop At Sundance

Time for more Hollywood news coming straight at ya from the Hollywood Shuffle.


week we can finally stop talking about Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds and

focus on some good stuff, including Akon’s new movie, Jamie Foxx’s rumored hosting gig on Charm School 2 and Tyra

Banks upcoming marriage. Let the good times roll….

Denzel voted #1 Hollywood

star in the U.S.


to a recent online survey taken by official poll takers Harris Poll, Denzel

Washington has been named the #1 most popular movie star in America. Tom Hanks

was #2, Johnny Depp #3, Julia Roberts (who?) #4, and Big-Willy-Style Will Smith

#5. Denzel’s recent hit American Gangster

along with the critically acclaimed The

Great Debaters showed there is no slowing down for Mr. Washington. Look out for another big hit

with Denzel’s next movie co-starring John Travolta called Taking of the Pelham.

Akon to star in

martial arts film Slums 13


Akon has plenty of experience throwing fans off stage, surprisingly he will not

be taking part in any action scenes for his film debut Slums 13. The movie takes place and is shot entirely in Atlanta,

and combines hardcore martial arts with an urban twist. It will most likely be

a limited release, and stars many African-American martial artists. Hopefully

Akon is not taking any lessons… his fans might even have more to worry about.

Tyra Banks ready to marry 50 year old



Tyra has issues committing to what wig she wants to wear for the day,

apparently she has no issues with the biggest commitment of all… marriage.

Rumor has it that the 34-year-old Tyra is tired of her single life, and wants

to take the next step with her current boyfriend, 50-year-old banker John

Utendahl. Note to John: when you were twenty-one and in college, Tyra was five

years old and in kindergarten.

Hip-Hop invades Sundance Film Festival

There was a

time when the Sundance Film Festival was reserved for upper-middle class film

aficionados who only cared about one thing - indie movies. Times have changed.

This year’s Sundance Film Festival, which concluded Sunday 1/27, was definitely

the year that Hip-Hop came to town.

50 Cent was

on hand to announce his highly-publicized venture into film production, and he

threw a party and dinner as well. Lil Jon was the guest DJ at the Boost Mobile

Party, Method Man turned the charm on to promote his new movie The Wackness, Mos Def did the same for Be Kind Rewind - and of course Diddy had

to make his moves, as his TV movie A

Raisin In The Sun premiered at the festival. Seems like the only ones

missing were Jay-Z, Kanye and Pharrell.

Jamie Foxx rumored to host “Charm School

2” reality show


Foxx is rumored to join the reality TV show club as the host of VH1’s Charm School 2: From G’s to Gents.

Season 2 will start filming in Los Angeles next month and will star 15 past

contestants from Seasons 1 and 2 of I

Love New York. Along the lines of Season 1, which was hosted by comedienne

Mo’Nique and won by former Flavor of Love

contestant Saaphyri, it will be Jamie’s job to turn these crazy ass dudes into

distinguished gentlemen. The winner will receive 50 G’s.

If the

rumors are true then it seems like a step down for the Academy Award winner… I

mean this is Jamie Foxx here not Gary Coleman. It would be like Dr. Dre hosting

the next season of Flavor of Love.

Halle Berry curls her hair!!!


is on fire with the latest reports that the very pregnant Halle Berry is now

sporting a very curly hair-do. She now looks like a cross between Whitney

Houston and James Brown. Ok that’s it.

Norbit and Daddy Day Camp Razzies Nominations in for worst movies of the year


being nominated for an Academy Award is the best thing a Hollywood actor or

director can hope for, being nominated for a Razzie is the worst thing a

Hollywood actor of director can hope for. For the past 27 years, the Golden

Raspberry Foundation has been nominating the worst films in Hollywood. Last year the Wayan’s Brothers Little Man won in three different


This year,

Eddie Murphy’s Norbit is nominated in

eight categories, second only to Lindsay Lohan’s I Know Who Killed Me which has nine nominations. And at least Cuba

Gooding Jr. can finally say he is nominated for an award, as his Daddy Day Camp is nominated in five

categories. We’ll keep you updated on the winners… who I guess are actually


Beyoncè to play singer Etta James in next

film role


has it that Beyoncè will be taking on her next film role since Dreamgirls and will play1950’s singer

Etta James in the period piece Cadillac

Records. Movie is about the start of Chess Records, which launched the

careers of Etta James, Muddy Watters and Chuck Berry. Along with Beyoncè the

cast includes Cedric The Entertainer, Adrien Brody and Jeffrey Wright, who will

play Muddy Watters.

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