Hollywood Shuffle: Eddie Griffin Goes For Broke? Flav’s Black Wins Big! Isaiah’s Anatomy; Kim Porter Taking Over?


going on out there in the real world? It’s your girl Ms. Shay, still in the

game out here in LaLa

Land! Who’s in the mix with the Hollywood Shuffle this week?


Griffin is going for broke this year making mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money; Isaiah

Washington is fired up over ABC using his anatomy…


over Diddy, there’s another star in town! And folks, my money is on Black for

the big win on Flavor of Love 3.

Eddie Griffin Going for Broke


on to your car keys! Funny man Eddie Griffin is on the move again! As if

crashing a 1.5 million dollar Ferrari Enzo into a cement wall last year or getting booted from a Black Enterprise event for using the n-word too much on stage wasn’t

enough to make a brother slow his roll, the comedian is back, and this time he’s

Going For Broke on the super highway

of reality TV.


and the producers behind A&E’s wildly popular Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, have ordered eight episodes of the new

Going For Broke series, which is said

to give us Griffin in the “raw,” including insight into how he

struggles to juggle life as a player and family man.


also got the green light to start filming Undercover

Brother 2. The sequel was almost a wrap before it ever got started due to

the studio’s (Universal) discomfort with the racial content of the film. There’s

also talk of two more movies, Mojo

and Bee’s Nuts. We might have to sit down and talk with Griffin on these.

Another look... Eddie Griffin and the infamous crash

Isaiah Washington

Grey Over His Anatomy


disclosed papers filed with SAG (Screen Actors Guild), Isaiah Washington was

not happy over ABC’s alleged unauthorized use of his picture in a May 9 episode

of Grey’s Anatomy. The shot was

featured in a "newspaper article" about Washington’s character Dr. Preston Burke

receiving a prestigious surgeon's award. 

You would think after distancing themselves from Washington

because of claims he made “homophobic” comments about former castmate T.R.

Knight, ABC would have moved on. Isaiah has. In fact, he is currently shooting Patriots, a sports film about a New

Orleans basketball team with Forest Whitaker for Weinstein Co. due out this


Meanwhile, Washington’s attorney Peter Nelson says his client expects

a pay check for the screw up. Hope it’s a nice one! So far ABC is being a

little mediaphobic about the issue.

Move Over

Diddy! Another Star In Town?

Ok, before any of you go hating (those of you who will), keep in

mind Kim Porter already told y’all in this month’s issue of Jet Magazine that she’s used to being

talked about and it doesn’t phase her. So with that in mind, it might please

you to know that sister girl isn’t glued to her ex-man/forever-friend Puffy’s

side. She is diligently making her rounds in Hollywood.

Porter’s been studying with Tasha Smith of Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls and Why Did I Get Married?, who’s like the new

“go to girl” for sharpening your chops in Hollywood. Talk around town is ‘it’s

paying off’.

Some casting directors, whom we won’t mention, say Porter is

holding her own in the casting rooms and her recent role in Mama I Want To Sing and a reality show

possibility with Lifetime is just the beginning.

Flavor of Love 3’s Black

Finishes Big - Win or Lose


way I look at it, everybody wins tonight on the season finale of VH1’s Flavor of Love 3. Black, Sinceer and Thing 2 finally get to

advance from pretending to be into a dude they’d probably never get with in the

real world. But if I had to choose who will benefit the most, I’d say for sure,

Candace Cabrera, a.k.a. Black.


already started to rake in the dough from photos shoots and she's getting requests

for appearances, but I remember receiving this girl's resume for a project I was

casting and thinking, “Ok, she’s cute and she’s trying to do a little



to Black’s resume, she’s got a degree in Business Marketing, she has a real

estate license and she’s even taken the prereqs for medical school, which was her

initial plan of study.


after all that boring intellectual and business stuff, she has decided to

explore other opportunities, which brings her to Flavor Flav’s potential TV Queen! Can you say “work it girl”?!