Hollywood Shuffle: Eminem’s Grand Theft? Tyra Gets Messy? RZA’s Repo


you haven’t heard or seen from me lately that’s because I have been crawled up

in a little ball still trying to recover from the Patriots’ Super Bowl loss.

But as they say, the show must go on!


least the bright side of this week is it looks like the Writer’s Strike here in

Hollywood might finally be coming to

a close. Alright…let’s move on to this week’s Hollywood Shuffle!

Eminem was attached to Grand Theft

Auto - The Movie

According to various sources around Hollywood, a Grand Theft Auto Movie was pitched to Rockstar, the video game

producers, last spring with Eminem attached as the lead. Like other

best-selling video games such as Halo,

Grand Theft Auto is considered one of

the premiere projects for a movie studio to land but it has been met with

difficulty bringing to film.

Apparently a

major studio had actually made it to terms with Rockstar, but at the last

minute the project was terminated. To this day there still are no plans for a Grand Theft Auto movie. Eminem also has

had various projects with Paramount under his Shady/Aftermath Films banner

indefinitely postponed as well.

Tyra Banks “messes herself’ at Fashion Week?

I’m not sure how believable this one is, but I had to speak on it just for the entertainment

value. According to a blogger for Paper

Magazine named Fabian Basabe, he was set to do an interview with Tyra in

the W suite at the tents, when all of the sudden a crew barged in and kicked

him out because Tyra needed to change her clothes. According to Basabe’s blog:

"Tyra Banks messed

herself (crapped in her pants) and needed to change…Now I would like to bring

to your attention that Tyra's people carried a change of clothes for her at NYC

fashion week. Hmmmh... could it be that Tyra messed herself before?" It’s

still a little hard to believe. Tyra might be a “wig switcher” but I doubt she

is a “pants messer.” Besides, one should never trust anyone named Fabian.

RZA to star in movie Repossession Mambo with Forest



might be having family issues but at least RZA is still doing his thing. Fresh

off the success of American Gangster,

RZA has joined the cast of the sci-fi thriller Repossession Mambo, which already has a stellar cast

including Jude Law, Forest Whitaker and Liev Schreiber. The movie is being

produced by the same team that worked on Jaime Foxx's The Kingdom.

Set in the

near future, Repossession Mambo takes place when artificial organs can be bought on credit and revolves around

a music producer (RZA) who struggles to make the payments on a heart he has

purchased. He must therefore go on the run before organ repossession agents

(Law and Whitaker) catch him and "extract" his heart.

Jessica Alba only wants to speak Spanish to

her new born


very pregnant Jessica Alba recently spoke out about how she got “shunned” as a

child for not being able to speak Spanish. In order to prevent this from

happening to her future kids, Alba wants to only speak Spanish to her children,

and was quoted as saying, “I don’t even want them to speak English for maybe

the first two to three years, until pre-school. We’re in the United

States so they’re going to learn it anyway.” Good

plan Jessica…too bad she still doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish.

Will Smith’s next

movie Seven Pounds


Will has wrapped up his upcoming super-hero comedy Hancock, he is quickly prepping for his next film, Seven Pounds. From the same director as The Pursuit of Happyness, Seven Pounds is

about suicidal IRS agent (Smith) who sets out to make amends by assuming the

identity of his younger brother. His plans get complicated when he

inadvertently falls in love. The movie also stars Rosario Dawson as the love

interest, Woody Harrelson and Michael Ealy. Filming starts in March, with it

due out in theaters December 12, 2008.

So that’s

what happened to Malcolm Jamal Warner…


people will ask that random question of “Where is Theo?” We all know what Rudy

has been up to… being hot…. but Theo played by Malcolm Jamal Warner has been

MIA. Now, if you dare, go watch the Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson movie Fools Gold - then you will get the answer to that question. Warner's

role is as a Rastafarian henchman, and although it's not a big role, at least

we know he is still around.

Eddie Murphy stars in

new movie Starship Dave


from all the positive feedback I got back about Norbit and all the Eddie lovers out there, I felt it’s time for us to introduce the next “Eddie

Murphy-as-a-bunch-of-characters” movie… Starship

Dave. The story line sounds a little crazy, but if anyone can pull it off

its Eddie.


Starship Dave, a crew of miniature

aliens (the head alien is played by Murphy) operate a spaceship that has a

human form (played by Murphy…hope this makes sense). While trying to save their

planet, the aliens encounter a new problem as their ship becomes smitten with

an Earth woman. Expect Eddie at this best when this one comes out May 30, 2008.

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