Hollywood Shuffle: Heroin Better For Chris Rock? Jackass Steve-O is Crazy! Rick Ross' M.I.YAYO


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we have Chris Rock caught up in some drama, Diddy providing services to the

Hollywood elite and “the other” Knowles girl who finally might get her big


Chris Rock, on some real life Law & Order: SVU action!


high powered Hollywood executives and celebrities have been losing sleep over

the current court case of infamous Hollywood private investigator Anthony

Pellicano. Pellicano has illegally wiretapped numerous meetings, conversations,

etc., and now it looks like even Chris Rock was taped as well.

The Huffington Post obtained the

following recording of Rock and Pellicano. Conversation was Rock’s reaction to

a 1998 one-night-stand with a female. Three years later she charged him with

rape. Of course, she later dropped the case - but obviously this didn’t stand

well with Rock’s wife.

Chris Rock: Once you’re accused of rape, you’re just [bleep]ed, you know?

Pellicano: That’s

why I want to blacken this girl up, totally. I want to make her out to be a lying, scumbag, manipulative [bleep]sucker . . . stupid [bleep].

Chris Rock: “I’m

[bleep]ed. I’m better getting caught with needles in my arm. Way better. Needles, with pictures. There’s Chris Rock shooting heroin. Much better blow to

the career.

Jackass’ Steve-O certified crazy

Speaking of

crazy, Steve-O of Jackass fame was

supposed to be in jail for suspicion of vandalism and drug possession at his

Hollywood apartment complex after bashing holes in the wall of a neighboring

apartment. Of course, he has done many other crazy things such as snorting

wasabi, sticking leeches on his nads and eyeballs…the list goes on and on. But

just how crazy has he gotten?

Check out

this brand new video of him below.

Apparently out of jail…and with some of that white stuff clearly visible on his nose.

Diddy provides car service for drunk

celebs…Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan rejoiceNow that

Diddy is moving to Los Angeles to further pursue his movie career, what better

way to show his love to fellow Hollywood socialites than by providing them cars

when they get drunk? So not only is Diddy making some serious money from his

partnership with Ciroc Vodka, but now he plans to launch a car service for

drunk celebs...who probably drank too much Ciroc Vodka in the first place. This

is genius if you ask me!

Eddie Murphy as Father of the Year?

Eddie has

won many awards in his career, but Father of The Year will be one he most

likely will never win. In the drama known as “Eddie And His Many Women,” word

is he has no interest at all in seeing his daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown

because the mother, Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice), allegedly tricked Murphy

into having sex with her without a jimmy hat on by saying she was on the pill.

Now, there

are some girls you should just know not to trust with that line. The worst

thing about this situation is Eddie’s daughter will be made fun of when she is

older, because her name is Murphy Brown.

Rick Ross movie M.I.YAYO finally coming outThe Big Boss

Rick Ross is back. Having just released his new album Trilla last week, Ross will now finally release his movie project,

the Miami drug dealer documentary entitled M.I.YAYO.

Ross has been busy promoting his new album, but will also shift gears to promote his documentary. In an exclusive interview, he told AllHipHop.com about the motivation behind the movie:

While the original trailer to M.I.YAYO showed up on YouTube over a year ago, it is

finally making its way to the public and will be available on DVD on March 25. Check out the trailer with an intro from Rick Ross:

American Idol dangerous to small children?

We always

knew American Idol was dangerous for

the music industry, but now the show is literally proving dangerous. Last week police

say a mother of five was watching American

Idol while her three-year-old girl nearly drowned in a bathtub. Apparently

the mom was bathing her kid and then ran out of the room to watch her favorite

show…but ummmm…kinda forgot her kid in the bathtub.

I blame it

on Paula. She is really the only one worth watching this year for her downright

strangeness. It’s my theory she’s sippin’ on the purple stuff and getting a lil’


Solange Knowles rumored to star in remake of Fame

It’s about

time that the other Knowles sister

gets some love. Rumor has it that Solange Knowles will be taking a step up in a

film career from Bring It On direct-to-DVDs,

to the upcoming movie remake of Fame.

It’s all

rumor at this point, but Fame is

definitely on the production schedule and will be directed by music video

choreographer Kevin Tancharoen, who has worked with the Pussy Cat Dolls and

Britney Spears.

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