Hollywood Shuffle: Jada Pinkett Smith’s New Contract; Tristan Wilds In 90210! Samuel L. Jackson's Unthinkable

The fickle world of

entertainment can be a circus sometimes. Today the New York Times threw a few

jabs at media mogul Oprah Winfrey, citing a drop in ratings and noting some criticism

she’s receiving on recent decisions, including her political endorsement of

Barack Obama.

Should we be

worried? Probably not. Oprah never did like Hip-Hop much, and she’s still one

of the most influential women in the world. Just goes to show that building a solid

foundation gives you room to make up your own mind – whether others agree or


Speaking of solid,

the new Indiana Jones movie had the

second biggest box office opening in history at $143 million. Sure it beat out Iron Man’s first weekend numbers, but it

is the fourth movie in a very successful series (Raiders of the Lost Ark was released 27

years ago!). Can’t mess with that!

This week in the

Hollywood Shuffle we have three vets making some new moves, and an up-and-comer

on his way to building that foundation!

Jada Pinkett Smith

takes the drivers seat on new flick, The

Wire’s Tristan Wilds gives 90210 a new look, Spike Lee has some interesting production plans and Samuel Jackson does the


Jada Pinkett Smith Debuts at Film Festival

Where there’s a Will

there’s a Jada. That seems to be the mantra for how the Smith family keep the

films coming like clockwise. Jada Pinkett Smith recently made her directorial

debut at the Cannes Film Festival with a film she wrote and stars in titled The Human Contract.

Like the actress-turned-director

herself, the sexy film also starring Jason Clarke of Brotherhood, Paz Vega, Ted Danson and Idris Elba centers around a

mega-successful businessman named Julian whose life is ripped apart by a secret

he keeps from the rest of the world. The film already has some heavyweights

behind it, including Pinkett’s husband Will Smith as Executive Producer, along

with James Lassiter, Ken Stovitz, David Grasso and David


Jada is also coming out

in theatres this Fall on September 12 alongside Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes and

Annette Bening in The Women.

Spike Lee Producing Michael Jordan Film

After debuting his new

G-Shock watches in New York this month, Director/producer Spike Lee jetted out

to the Cannes Film Festival, and announced his plans to make a new movie based

on the life of Michael Jordan.

The movie will be

funded by the NBA, and will include exclusive footage taken by their cameras –

unlike Spike’s other documentary, announced last month, which will be filmed

exclusively with Nokia cell phones. No word on an official release date yet on

either movie.

Samuel L. Jackson Stars in Unthinkable

Don’t go trying to blow

up the spot with Samuel L. Jackson around, or he just might do the unthinkable.

In fact, Marco Weber, President of Senator Entertainment, and the film's

producer Caldecot Chubb are banking on Jackson doing just that in the suspense thriller Unthinkable, penned by Peter Woodward.

When a major threat is

posed to the U.S. and the locations of three nuclear devices are kept in

secrecy by a single terrorist, a Black-ops interrogator played by Jackson and a

female FBI agent have to decide how far they will go to find the weapons, with

only two days before they are deployed. 

The production is set to begin filming in September in


Tristan Wilds Takes On 90210

Looks like Tristan

Wilds, a.k.a. Michael Lee of HBO's The Wire fame, isn’t just changing America’s

perception of life on the tough streets of Baltimore. In his new

role on CW’s revamped Beverly Hills, 90210,

Wilds, the first ever permanent Black cast member, will play Dixon, the adopted

son of a Caucasian family.

Dixon’s adoptive

family consists of drunken grandmother Tabitha Mills (Jessica Walter), her daughter-in-law

Celia (Lori Loughlin) and granddaughter Annie (Shenae Grimes). The family has

moved to Beverly Hills

because of Tabitha's alcoholism.

I’m still trying to figure this one out. It’s

like a crackhead moving to the streets of B’More to

escape drug and crime, huh? I don’t know, but let’s

hope the new zip code is a good move for this very talented up-and-coming young