Hollywood Shuffle: The Game's Irony, OJ Back At It? Krayzie Bone's Ghetto Cowboy


of the biggest events that cross over into Hip-Hop and entertainment have happened

this past week - the MAGIC Clothing Convention in Vegas and the NBA All-Star

Weekend in New Orleans.


AllHipHop.com represented at both, I have been stuck here in Hollywood and

missed out. But at least that means we have been able to get some more juicy Hollywood smack down for you…. so here comes another

exciting edition of the Hollywood Shuffle!

The Game goes to jail in the movies… and real



the upcoming police action thriller Street

Kings, The Game plays a Los Angeles gang banger who goes by the name of

Grill. As Los Angeles

police men (Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans) slowly take matters in to their own

hands to clean up the streets, they also end up throwing Grill in jail.

This is

quite ironic considering the fact that The Game is now serving two months in

prison for gun charges. I heard Jayceon didn’t need much direction when filming

his jail scenes… he felt right at home. The good thing though, is if he gets

out early for good behavior, The Game might be able to make it for his own

movie premiere when Street Kings comes

out in theaters on April 11.

Street Kings also stars Common,

Forest Whitaker and Hugh Laurie, and is from the writer of Training Day.

Bai Ling steals $16 worth of merchandise


Bai Ling, who is known as the sex crazed Asian woman in countless films and TV

shows (Entourage, She Hate Me, The Crow) was caught

stealing $16 worth of tabloid magazines and batteries at the Los Angeles

International Airport last week. My philosophy is if you are famous and want to

steal things, well, they should be things worth stealing. Like rare things such

as a Ferrari Enzo or a pair of tickets to Kanye’s Flashing Lights tour…

CW show

Girlfriends cancelled

After eight

successful seasons, the CW show Girlfriends

will not be returning for a ninth season. Rumors were all over the place as

to the exact reasoning, especially since the writer’s strike had finished and Girlfriends season eight was supposed to

film eight more episodes. Instead, CW pulled the plug on the remaining episodes

and killed any chance at a season nine.

This leads

many fans of the show left to hang with no finale and no sense of closure. Word

is the CW will not be having a finale, but instead a one hour retrospective of

past season clips to close out the series.

Krayzie Bone’s Ghetto Cowboy

Now that

Bone-Thugs has been making their mini-comeback, Krayzie Bone has been taking

advantage of his revived career and has announced he has been working on a

black outlaw cowboy movie for the past couple of years called Ghetto Cowboy. While casting and production has not started yet, Krayzie

did say that he would star in it and is looking for other Hip-Hop artists to

join as well.


looks to be a smaller film production similar to the other Bone-Thugs movie,  Tried. As Ghetto Cowboyis still in early stages, there is no planned release date.

Jack Ass’ Johnny

Knoxville almost loses balls… literally


just gotta bring this up, because I’m always amazed how insane (and stupid) the

guy’s from Jackass are. Apparently

head Jackass Johnny Knoxville was filming a stunt which required him to do a

backflip on a motor bike. The only problem was, Johnny does not know how to

ride a motorbike.


result of the stunt? He obviously crashed, but almost lost his balls in the

process, has a torn urethra and must piss in a bag attached to his leg for the

next two weeks. Yet somehow Johnny still insists it was all worth it.

Did OJ assault his girlfriend?

You know,

I’m all for giving a guy a second chance. I mean even though I’m from Los Angeles, I’m still

rooting for Shaq to do his thing with the Suns. But now giving OJ Simpson

another chance? Word is that OJ’s girlfriend Christie Prody reported in to a Florida hospital this

past week with head injuries.

OJ insists

that Prody’s head injuries are the result of being drunk and falling down the

stairs, but a hospital neurologist has stated that the injuries look to be

“consistent with an assault.” I’m not gonna state my opinion on this, but how

many chances would you give this guy?

John Legend makes film debut in Soul Men

The silky

smooth R&B singer John Legend will make his big screen debut in the

upcoming film Soul Men. Legend joins

the cast alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. Soul Men, not the sequel to Soul Plane, is

about two former bandmates (Jackson and Mac) forced to reunite when a third

member (Legend) passes away.

The pair

fight with each other all the way across the country when they're forced to take

a road trip together for a reunion concert. Soul Menis directed by Malcolm D. Lee (The Best Man, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins)

and will be in theaters on October 10, 2008.

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