Hollywood Shuffle: Wesley’s Tax Troubles, Viv Denies Sex Vid

Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Shuffle, discussing all things

movies, television, celebrity and just plain Hollywood. Sometimes reporting celebrity news is like beating a dead horse, but for some reason the dead horse keeps coming back for more! This week we've got more on Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds, more on Wesley Snipes and his ongoing tax woes, and more on Vivica Fox on the sex tape she says doesn't exist.

Tyler Perry accused of taking steroids

Seems like

everyone is taking part in the Barry Bonds workout plan these days. As all the Hip-Hop

headlines have said in the past week, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Wyclef and Timbaland

have all been accused of using steroids. But now Albany, New York's

The Times Union newspaper alleges that super movie

director/producer/writer Tyler Perry has also been pumping the juice as well.

This seems like a stretch to me. Next we gonna be reading that Gary Coleman and

Jermaine Dupri are on roids as well.

Wesley Snipes accused of swindling $11

million in false tax refundsWesley

Snipes can’t get a break. Not only has his movie career hit rock bottom, but

now he’s back in court facing charges of $11 million in false tax refunds. You

think you cheated a bit on your taxes? Wesley can teach you a thing or two. How

does one even file $11 million in refunds to begin with? We will find out when

Blade goes to court.

DEA Agents sue filmmakers of American Gangster


group of retired federal drug enforcement agents have sued NBC Universal, the

studio that created American Gangster,

saying the movie falsely portrayed them as villains in the storyline. The suit

is for $55 million and claims that the movie defamed hundreds of DEA agents by

claiming that Frank Lucas' collaboration with prosecutors "led to the

convictions of three-quarters of New

York City's Drug Enforcement Agency." According

to the lawsuit, no DEA agents were ever convicted as a result of tips provided

by Lucas. Universal's response is that American Gangsterhas always been

"fictionalized work." That makes sense...because I never would have

believed that Common was T.I.'s dad in that movie.

Eddie Murphy and Tracey

Edmonds’ marriage lasts two weeks


last week we mentioned how the marriage of Donkey and Tracey Edmonds was not

legit, and now this week they go and break up already. In a joint statement

they say, “After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided

that we will forego having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define

our relationship further. While the recent symbolic union in Bora

Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect

that we have for one another on a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends.” Hmmm seems a little shady to me. Anyone with any ideas as to why they split?

Rumors has it, trouble started brewing after Edmonds refused to take Murphy’s last name.

Vivica A. Fox denies sex tape…sort of


response to her alleged sex tape circulating around the net, Vivica released

the following statement: “As a 43-year-old woman, I would never allow a man to

put me in that position. If you see me having a love scene, it's going to be

choreographed in a movie, and be fabulous." So what “position” is Vivica

talking about exactly? So if she was in a different “position” than she would

do a sex tape? I won’t go there…so tempted…but won’t go there.

Will Smith talks I Am Legend alternate ending

In a

recent interview, Will Smith talked about the alternate ending to I Am Legend which will be available on

the DVD and is "less commercial" than the ending we all saw in

theaters. Early indications are the alternate ending is more consistent with

the original screenplay and book ending in which Robert Neville and the two

survivors are lured out by "the infected" and killed...and thus the

end of humanity. That ending sounds much better than the "Happy

Hollywood" one in theaters.

Mos Def’s next film Next Day Air from the creators of Friday


Def is racking up quite the movie studio resume these days. The Italian Job, 16 Blocks, The

Hitchhiker's Guide....and Hollywood

is already talking about his hilarious performance in the upcoming New Line

film Be Kind Rewind. But Mos' next

project will take him back to his Hip-Hop roots in the urban comedy Next Day Air, which is produced by the same guys who

did Friday and directed by famed Hip-Hop video

director Benny Boom. This will be Benny's feature film directorial debut. Next Day Airalso co-stars Donald Faison, Mike Epps

and my wife Lauren London.

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