Hollywood Shuffle: Will's Pharoah Flick, David Banner & Slim Thug Go Gangsta! No A-Team For Ice Cube?

What’s that time? Time for another edition of the Hollywood Shuffle!


we’ve got the word on Will Smith walking like an Egyptian, Mariah taking

another run at the big screen, David Banner getting gangster with some other

familiar faces, Tyra in fear of a stalker and The A-Team making it to the big screen!

Will Smith as Egyptian Pharaoh

With the

success of virtually every movie he stars in, Will Smith can pretty much take

any movie role he wants. His production company Overbrook Entertainment is

particularly excited about the upcoming film project entitled The Last Pharaoh.

The script

is still being polished up, but the movie centers around Taharqa, who was king

of Egypt from 690 BC to 664 BC, and the battle between the Ethiopians and

Assyrians for the throne of Amun-Ra. Can Will pull off acting as an Egyptian

Pharaoh? If there is anyone who can do it, it's him.

David Banner, Slim Thug, Kurupt, Rick Ross in

gang movie Days of Wrath


Banner, Slim Thug, Rick Ross and Kurupt will all be starring in an upcoming Los

Angeles gang war movie entitled Days of

Wrath. The movie also features Wilmer Valderrama, Taye Diggs and Laurence

Fishburne, and revolves around a gang war between a Latino and Black gang in Los



plays Daniel a.k.a. Danny Boy, a thug who sets off the gang war after stealing a rapper's car

and accidentally killing the mother of his own Latino gang's kingpin. No word

yet on when the film will be released, but you can view the trailer here.

Mariah Carey’s new movie Tennessee

Since Mariah

has re-established her music career, she is hoping to do the same with her film

career and put behind the movie disaster

Glitter. In her new movie Tennessee

Mariah plays a waitress named Krystal.

As two

brothers embark on a journey from New Mexico to find their estranged father,

along the way they meet Krystal, the waitress and aspiring country singer, who

becomes the brothers' guardian angel and joins them on their fateful road trip.

Surprisingly, Damon Dash serves as one of the executive producers.

Tyra’s new stalker

Oh, Tyra.

You would think with her crazy behavior that fans would be afraid of her, but

it turns out she is the one living in fear… of a 37-year-old stalker who's been

terrorizing her for months. The stalker has hounded Tyra with very creepy things such as letters and flowers

since January. While the stalker has been arrested, a judge recently released

him. Tyra should hire Bow Wow’s body guard.

First day on set of Biggie biopic Notorious

The Biggy

biopic Notorious has gone into full production and is currentlyfilming in the

Brookly Crown Heights section. Wayne Barrow, producer of the film and former

manager of Biggy talks in his blog about his

first day filming on set...


was our 1st day of shooting and it was quite an experience. I don’t really

think us making a movie has really hit me yet but what was surreal for me, was

seeing Malik (the actor portraying me and doing it well!!) playing my

character, taking me back to moments in my life that are special to me, which

will now be shared with the world at large. We have a lot of long days ahead of

us and I’m excited about what the few months will bring..."

J-Lo and hubby go on spending spree

So Jennifer

Lopez and Marc Anthony received $6 million for their baby photos from People magazine. That’s

amazing. I’m surprised more celebs aren’t having babies just to make more

money. And apparently Marc enjoys diamonds more than the average woman.

He recently

picked out an 8-carat, $300,000 diamond ring from famed jeweler Michael

Bondanza. J-Lo added to the shopping spree by hiring a baby boutique to

reconstruct a $30,000 nursery for their mansion in Puerto


A-Team movie coming in 2009


Century Fox has now confirmed that John Singleton will be directing an upcoming

A-Team move and is

scheduled for a June 12, 2009. Ice Cube has gone on record numerous times

stating that he would love to play BA Baracus, but Singleton has insisted that

there is no official casting yet, and that all alternatives will be exhausted

in making future cast decisions.

We will keep

you updated on this one! Should be interesting to see how Singleton turns the

former hit TV show into a movie.

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