Horrifying Detail Emerges In Hudson Case; Julian's Hand Cut Off

Chicago police have released evidence today (October 29), suggesting more than one person was involved in the triple murder involving singer Jennifer Hudson’s family.

An even more horrifying fact has emerged in the case, as AllHipHop.com has learned that one of Julian King’s hands was also cut off, suggesting that he may have been being held for ransom.

The boy was also shot in the head, although it is not known if his hand was severed prior to, or after his death.

The investigation has revolved around primary suspect William Balfour, estranged husband of Jennifer’s sister Julia Hudson, who was apprehended on Friday (October 24).

Although not charged with the South Side slayings, Balfour is being held on parole violations.

Witnesses placed Balfour in his teal Chrysler on the block of the murder scene last Friday at 7 AM. Later, the car was discovered parked a mile away at Robeson High School.

His girlfriend later verified he was at the home where Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother Jason were shot to death.

On Monday (October 27), the body of 7-year old nephew Julian King was discovered several miles away in Jason Hudson’s Chevy Suburban.

The child was also the victim of multiple gunshot wounds. Security video from Robeson High School shows someone parking Balfour’s Chrysler on Friday, but a positive ID could not be made of the individual.

The video stamp also shows the car was left at 12:30 pm.

However, cell phone records place Balfour on the West Side of Chicago at that time, which indicates another suspect drove the vehicle from the South Side Hudson murder scene to the high school.

The possible origin of the crime is alleged to be over a car dispute between Balfour and his estranged wife Julia Hudson.

At the time of his apprehension, Balfour was on parole for a 1999 attempted murder conviction, and had been arrested in June for possession of cocaine.

At press time, police report that William Balfour is still not cooperating with any questioning.