Hot 97 Denies Flex's Interscope Boycott

AllHipHop Staff

Representatives for Hot 97 have denied popular DJ Funkmaster Flex’s claims that he would no longer be playing records released by Interscope Records, home to superstar rappers like Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre.

On his April 21 show, Funkmaster Flex blasted executive Nino Cuccinello at Interscope Records/A&M/Geffen, which also has artists like Soulja Boy, Lady Ga Ga and Akon on the roster.

“New York I am talking to a person who makes decisions who does things up there, moving funny style,” Funkmaster Flex fumed. “Nino is moving so bad. If you are anywhere in the tri-state area, I’m talking about people New York that control the music business and they control certain artists that they do not want you to see, but they want the pop stations to have. This is where I come in.”

That’s when Flex apologized to Interscope executive Step Johnson and stated that he would not be playing any Eminem or Dr. Dre records.

In today’s New York Daily News (April 28), Hot 97 Program Director E-Bro Darden said Flex’s statements were entertaining radio that had simply gone too far.

"We've never held back on a whole label's music," Darden told The New York Daily News. "And we won't.”

Darden stated that Hot 97 maintained good relationships with various labels and joked: “we had to muzzle Flex, ... people know a lot of what he says is showmanship, but that went too far."

In related news, Funkmaster Flex’s Custom Show and Bike Tour 2009 will stop in Louisville Kentucky this Sunday (May 3).

Miami rapper Rick Ross will make an appearance at Flex’s car and bike show, which is taking place at the Louisville Water Tower from 12-8PM.