Houston Club Security Under Scrutiny For Tasering Popular DJ

AllHipHop Staff

The security of Houston’s club scene is under the microscope for a reported assault of respected DJ and industry veteran Ron C (Ronald Coleman).

The alleged incident occurred Thursday night (February 26) at Houston’s Toc Bar following a verbal dispute between Ron C and security personnel over the treatment of one of the DJ’s friends.

During the discussion, the GO DJ Coalition president was put in a chokehold from behind, tasered in the throat, and left unconscious on the ground. In explaining the intense night, Ron C recalled how he was attacked despite not drinking or offering any provocation to the club’s security.

“One friend in particular, was singled out of the group and harassed by the security guards in question. Club staff, promoters and other friends came over to investigate,” Ron C revealed in a statement. “While the person in question was trying to explain the situation, security came over to the group shouting that this patron had an attitude problem and bum-rushed him out of the club; using excessive force. The person in question offered no physical resistance.”

It was then, that Ron C claims he was blindsided with the excessive force and assaulted by club security without a valid reason.

“I wake up shaking, on the ground, inside the club, people are trying to help me up and saying ‘Dogg u got tased.’ I had been unconscious for about 10 seconds or so,” Ron C revealed. “Onlookers, including my friends begin to tell me that 3 security dudes had set upon me. One dude choking me, one dude holding my ankles and another dude came and tased me. The part that really makes me mad is not the fact that they tased me, but they tased me in the throat, making me feel like they were trying to kill me. I was in genuine fear for my life.”

Although tasering from Houston police has been a source of controversy for the last 5 years, Ron C’s altercation was allegedly carried out by club security not legally authorized to carry the weapon.

“What is club security doing with tasers? That's not legal even for top flight,” Ron C stated. “I did have the police called and I did file a report, so this will not be the last they hear from me on this one. I also heard a few other patrons got tased as well. I saw them rough up a camera dude, and punch his camera out of his hand, who I actually saw security escort into the club along with Meagan Good; the celebrity that hosted [the] night’s event.”

The Toc Bar venue has yet to release a statement on the alleged incident. At press time, Houston police are continuing their investigation.