Houston to Host 5th Annual HBCU Film Festival

AllHipHop Staff

The J.D. Tucker Foundation and the Guess Firm are set to sponsor the 5th Annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities Film Festival next month in Houston.

John "Dr. Teeth" Tucker founder the J.D. Tucker Foundation and the festival, created the event as a platform to empower under serviced film and communication majors at HBCU's.

"The primary goal of the festival is to expose students to every possible opportunity that the film and television industries have to offer," Tucked explained to AllHipHop.com. "The event affords each participant access to a body of knowledge rarely available."

The one day event will feature panels of various industry veterans sharing their views on important topics within the entertainment field.

This year's panels will include the owners of AllHipHop.com, cast members of HBO's critically acclaimed series The Wire, director Jesse Terrero, and producers Horace Jones and Greg Anderson.

Additionally, a student film competition will be held with attending panelists deciding the winner.

The product of an HBCU education, Dr. Tucker emphasizes that historically black colleges thrive on the philosophy of those who succeed finding innovative ways to give back.

"As a graduate of Texas Southern University it is important to me to share knowledge and experiences that will help prepare them for the reality of the business, and if I am able to help just one person then I have succeeded," Tucker stated.

The 5th Annual HBCU Film Festival takes places February 28 in the MLK Building Auditorium at Texas Southern University.

For additional information and to enter the film competition, please visit www.myspace.com/hbcufilmfest.