'How To Get Rich, N**ga' Book Targeting Hip-Hop Entrepenuers Drops Today

Gerard Spinks’

self-published book "How To Be Rich, N**ga," was released to stores


Spinks, cousin

of boxing champs Michael, Leon Spinks and Cory Spinks, said he made millions

of dollars as the owner of a technology consulting business, Spinks Technologies,

based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Spinks said "How To

Be Rich," is a “ghetto survival guide” that targets the Hip-Hop

community that details how to make more money and remain self-sufficient.

"We have all seen that

depending upon the U.S. Government for sustenance makes no sense and simply

doesn't work,” Spinks said. “I know people who legitimately lost

their jobs, needed unemployment benefits to live, and were denied a claim. Black

people cannot depend upon anyone else for our rise up and college kids need

to be equipped to deal with outsourcing and with a very bleak job creation outlook."

A Spanish version of the

book will also be released this year, titled “How To Be Rich, Vato.”

The book will be sold through

independent bookstores and record stores nationwide as well as historically

black college campus bookstores.

“I encourage all black

people to read "How To Be Rich, N**ga" to free themselves from the

chains of economic slavery that still exists today,” said Spinks, who

funded the publishing of the book out of his own pocket.

Spinks said the book was

inspired by a book titled "How To Be A Rich Ni**er," written by Rufus

Shaw in the 1970's.

“My intention and hope

is that this book will inspire at least 10 people to create and generate personal

wealth for themselves and get out the hood,” Spinks continued. “I

hope that at least ten people are able to remove the chains of poverty, low

income, or the dependency on some corporations that is no where near loyal to

them and that they are able to create their own path and their own money.”