HSAN Announces 2007 "Get Your Money Right" Tour

Russell Simmons'

Hip-Hop Summit Action Network has announced the 2007 "Get Your Money Right"

tour, which will stop in various cities across the country promoting financial


"Get Your Money Right" tour kicks off on Mar. 3 at The Granville Sawyer

Auditorium at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX and will feature a variety

of celebrity rappers promoting fiduciary responsibility. "'Get

Your Money Right' continues to be our national theme for the financial empowerment

Hip-Hop Summits," Russell Simmons said in a statement. "Hip-hop is about

eliminating poverty and ignorance, and we have found a creative and effective

method of raising awareness about the importance of financial literacy. We are

helping youth and young adults to fulfill their aspirations and lay a solid financial

foundation for their future."The

tour, which is sponsored by Chrysler Financial and Anheuser-Busch, will make stops

in Detroit, MI (Apr. 14), Greensboro, NC (Sept. 8), Washington, D.C. (Sept. 29),

Miami, FL (Oct. 20) and Atlanta, GA (Nov. 3).The

agenda of the "Get Your Money Right" tour is to educate youth about

the basics of banking, repairing and understanding credit scores and asset and

wealth management."Being

successful in life requires successful and sound financial management skills,"

said William F. Jones, Jr., Vice President, Chrysler Financial. "Chrysler

Financial is deeply committed to providing these skills to young people, so they

can position themselves to take charge of their future. Our partnership with the

Hip-Hop Summit Action Network is one of the best ways to reach young people, through

effective outreach and messages that will support their future achievements."A

"Get Your Money Right" workbook is also being produced and distributed

at each event in both English and Spanish.For

more information visit http://www.hsan.org.