HSAN's Min. Ben Offers Eyewitness Account Of Foxy Brown Incident, Chastises Judge

In response to published

reports regarding Foxy Brown’s alleged disrespectful behavior before Judge

Melissa C. Jackson, Hip-Hop Summit Action Network’s Dr. Benjamin Chavis

issued an eyewitness account surrounding the events leading to Brown being handcuffed

to a court bench Friday (Dec. 23).

Brown was in court scheduled to plead guilty in accordance with an agreement reached

with the district attorney for striking two nail workers with a cell phone in

a dispute over payment of a manicure.

After reviewing the agreement, Judge Jackson rejected the plea, citing the deal

as being too lenient.

As Judge Jackson set a retrial date, she remarked that Brown

was chewing gum and being disrespectful throughout the trial.

“Judge Jackson destroyed the agreement by imposing harsh conditions different

from what had been agreed to by the district attorney,” Dr. Chavis told

AllHipHop.com. “After Foxy rejected the judge’s unfair conditions,

she was subjected to the judge’s personal prejudice and cultural bias.

“Provoking an incident, Judge Jackson erroneously accused Foxy of chewing

gum in her courtroom and deceiving the judge about her hearing loss. Foxy had

no gum,” revealed Dr. Chavis.

Chavis stated that Foxy’s hearing loss had been well documented and known

to the courts for the past six months and was never questioned until the incident

in court yesterday with Judge Jackson, who is white.

“Claiming Foxy had disrespected the court, the judge ordered

Foxy to the bench where she was surrounded by court officers who forcefully

handcuffed her,” Chavis continued. “There was absolutely no justification

to have Foxy Brown handcuffed inside the court today. By doing so, the judge

not only embarrassed Foxy before the court but humiliated her family and supporters

as well.”

Judge Jackson gave Brown two chances to apologize or face 30 days in jail and

a $1,000 fine for contempt of court.

Brown then appeared

before Judge Jackson and stated: "I apologize for my actions."

A return date is scheduled for Jan. 23.