Humane Society Of The United States Comes Down On Jay-Z

The Humane Society

of the United States has targeted rapper Jay-Z, due to his award winning graphic

video “99 Problems,” which features a scene of pitbulls fighting.

John Goodwin, an

Investigator for The Humane Society, labeled Jay-Z “just another rapper

caught up in the blood rapture” and called the video “an irresponsible

tribute to a cruel and illegal practice that represents one of the most serious

threats to the safety of our inner city residents.”

While some may

not view the issue of dog fights as pressing as some of the issues of the day,

he said it was a serious threat.

“It's a form

of animal cruelty that's illegal in all 50 states for a reason,” Goodwin

said. “A closer look reveals its crucial links to the more common forms

of violence and misconduct deplored by Hip-Hop's critics.”

Goodwin said that

a study of pit-bull mauling cases reveal that most dogs that attack have been

abused in order to make them “mean” and become better fighters.

Goodwin said these dogs are more prone to attack people.

“Some apologists

for the violence in Hip-Hop videos argue that the imagery only reflects the

harsh truth of the streets,” Goodwin continued. “But in this case,

pop culture has helped to structure a grim reality. The glorification of fierce

pit bulls and organized dog fighting by hip-hop artists coincides with a dramatic

increase in dog fighting nationwide, despite a spate of newly-enacted state

and federal laws.”

Goodwin called

for other Hip-Hop artists to come forward and renounce dog fighting.

“Young people

often mirror the actions of the celebrities they idolize,” Goodwin noted.

“Artists who insist on spreading these images through their work must

accept their roles in perpetuating community violence.”