Hurricane Chris Enlists Superstar Lineup for 'A Bay Bay' Remix

Shrevport rapper Hurricane Chris has recruited a star-studded team of artists from various regions for the remix to his hit single "A Bay Bay."

The new version of the track features cameos from The Game (Compton, CA), Baby (New Orleans), E-40 (Vallejo, CA), Jadakiss (Yonkers, NY), Lil Boosie, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Pitbull (Miami, Florida), Lil Jon (Atlanta) and new comer Angie Locc, also of Shrevport.

According to Hurricane Chris, the remix’s diverse roster falls in line with the direction his Shreveport -based genre of Hip-Hop titled "Ratchet music" is expanding towards.

"All of the artists featured on the remix were people I've wanted to work with for a long time," Hurricane Chris said. "With out hesitation, they all came through to the to the shoot and that was when I knew 'A Bay Bay' and Ratchet City was more then what's hot right now, but a cultural movement for Hip-Hop music."

The video for the “A Bay Bay” remix premiered Monday (July 30) exclusively on

The single is currently in the Billboard Top 10 as well as the second most downloaded ring tone in the country.

Hurricane Chris is currently preparing for the release of his forthcoming album 51/50 Ratchet.

The project, executive produced by Mr. Collipark and Polo Grounds Music Bryan Leach, is slated to hit stores this fall.