Hustle: Either You Have It...Or You Don't

AllHipHop Staff

Hustle is an extremely popular word in our culture. With varying meanings, many young people and young adults have applied it and made a lot of themselves. It's wonderful to see so many students, business owners, and dream chasers. There’s nothing better than seeing a stereotype being diminished, but hustling isn’t a fad, it's a lifestyle.

It's either in you to work hard or not at all.

There's a quote that says, "a rocking horse moves, but makes no progress." If you're really doing something, it shows. In the age of status updates and online bios, people can come off as being on the top of their game, but the proof is in the work. It is perfectly fine to start small; just don’t try to make yourself seem bigger than you are. Persistence and dedication pays off. Learn to allow things to run their course, otherwise you'll be running in circles.

Many people have to work harder than the average person. Be it because they lack resources, have an intense drive, or have others relying on them to make it, they do what it takes. On the flip side, always saying you’re "hustling" and "grinding” with no evidence are only mere cover-ups. There are only so many business cards you can pass out with no clients, studio sessions you can take with no buzz, and jobs you can pass up on while sitting and waiting for your big break.

Dreaming is wonderful, but a plan with a dream is better. Too many people would rather appear busy than actually getting busy making strides to truly establish themselves. Being successful includes being business minded, responsible, patient, AND a hustler, not someone who just refers to himself or herself as one.

WORK HARD, PLAY HARD. HUSTLE, HUSTLE HARD. This might be a new day, but the rules haven't changed one bit.

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