Hype Williams Explains Why Beyoncé Is His Favorite Artist To Work With On Videos

The legendary director also discusses Jada Pinkett's role in the making of 2Pac's "California Love" video.

(AllHipHop News) Hype Williams is arguably the most celebrated music video director in Hip Hop history. Memorable visuals by The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Nas, Usher, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Aaliyah, and many others were crafted by Hype.

Last month, the Queens-born creator sat down with Jeff "Chairman" Mao, as part of the Red Bull Music Festival New York, to discuss his legendary career. The conversation included Williams sharing why his shoots with Queen Bey are the standout moments from his time behind the camera.

"My favorite person to work with artistically, in case anybody cared, is Beyoncé," said Hype. "The reason I say Beyoncé, obviously because of who she is, but more so she just works harder than me."

He continued, "At the time, I didn't understand that I'd never met an artist that would run circles around me in terms of her work ethic. I'm used to dealing with guys that I have to force to do stuff, and she was the opposite... driven is not even the word, so she's my favorite because she inspires me that way."

Hype Williams and Beyoncé Knowles collaborated on several videos. Bey's "Check on It," "Video Phone," "Drunk in Love," and "Blow" were all directed by Williams.

Mao's full interview with Hype is now available on YouTube. They talked about Jada Pinkett Smith writing the treatment for Tupac's "California Love" video. The Belly filmmaker also chats about Missy, Timbaland, Nas, music videos in the digital age, and a lot more.