I Feel Sorry For You, Wack Rapper

I know I am going to be a big bowl of depression when I say this one, but I have to say it. In saying it, I know I am going to be called a hater and a bunch of other colorful that people use to cover up their intellectual shortcomings.

But it is time to cut the crap.

The music we’re making is really turning into some trash that a landfill would refuse to house. I like youtube, twitter and facebook too, but the shouldn’t be places for you to promote your music as you figure it out. Rappers are doing one song, record a shoddy video and then uploading that b***h to youtube for everybody to see. Then, they spam everything with an email address to show it off.

Mr. Wack Rapper, I know you won’t heed this, but stop it. Cut the crap. Get a job. Take care of yourself. Take care of your mom, your kids, your unborn seeds…just stop rapping, please!

We can’t turn you off all the time. We just can’t! You are everywhere. You do mixtapes when you should be flipping burgers or finishing college. You are spending money on studio time and equipment when you should be saving up for a house! Your girl is tired of your shenanigans. You have tattoos all over your non-eating body. Eventually, you are going to get old, fat, and your tats will fade and stretch.

I mean no harm. I just want my ears to be happy. I just want you mother to be a proud one…one that can say, “My boy has a job and he does not look like a failed heavy metal singer.” Now, I am not opposed to everybody looking like a Lil Wayne reject, but I am opposed to losing a GENERATION of young people who have decided that they are going achieve the unattainable at any cost.

Yes, this is beyond me laughing at rappers on youtube. This is a far more grave matter. There was a time when you would dress and act like a rapper and then shed that outer shell for a honest living (even if you still did your rap thing on your time). These Sideshow Bob looking cats can’t do that unless the day job is a circus.

I don’t mean any harm, but another one is this kid Arab that used to be down with Soulja Boy. Somebody close to me sent me a video of his and honestly, I almost punched my computer.

This is the video.

And it’s not just the young…it’s the old too.

I came across this the other day and I was just shocked that this person named Mean Green was actually rapping.

Dude had the nerve to make it drizzle and then took the money back when somebody tried to pick it up.

Here is another video of ol’ Mean Grean, who ended up rocking his Arkansas crowd.

“I know you like that!”


I’m really not hating. I’m really concerned for Arab and Mean Green. At some point, they are going to have to admit that this thing called rapping just isn’t a trade that they are going to fare well in.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong…but I think I’m right on the mean green.