"I Have No Plans In Anyway To Do A Reality Show"

O.J. Simpson denied widely published reports

that he was working on a reality television series, based on his hip-hop concert

appearances in 2001-2002.

"I have no plans in any way to do a reality

show even though people have approached me about it," Simpson told Reuters.

"I'm not looking to do anything. I don't have agents out there looking

for something for O.J."

Simpson said that he had been contacted about

a reality show that would follow his day-to-day life, but that he rejected the


"There's no plans in the Simpson family

to have any cameras coming in our house," he said.

Simpson acknowledged that there was video footage

of his hip-hop concert appearances, but that it was not meant to be shown or


"We were welcomed everywhere," Simpson

continued. " This was not meant to be shown anywhere except as rebuttal

to those who say I'm a pariah."

On Wednesday, Urban Television Corporation and

Miami production company Spiderboy International, announced they were creating

13 one-hour episodes of the show using the hip-hop concert footage.

"He's not in a show. They can't have a reality

TV show and call it the ‘O.J. Simpson TV show’ without our involvement,"

said Simpson's attorney Yale Galanter.

Galanter added that the company had not reached

a financial agreement, nor did Simpson give his permission to use his name or

image for the television show.