I'm An Actress: Video Vixen? The Naked Truth

When I’m not actively auditioning or filming, I often find

myself on music video sets. But 9.99 times out of 10, I’m not all glammed up

in front of the camera.

Instead, you’ll find me in my “Saturday afternoon” t-shirt,

holey jeans and comfy Ugg boots, shadowing the director of my current film

project like a puppy - half trying to be helpful while learning another aspect

of “the biz”, and half trying to stay out of the way.


It’s not that I haven’t been asked to do videos. On most music video sets, I’ve been mistaken

for the girl that’s simply dragging her little feet getting to hair, makeup,

and wardrobe.

When it’s discovered that I’m there with the crew, helping

my director while making some extra starving artist cash, there’s often a

predictable and comical discussion that ensues regarding where they can “fit me


Recently, on one set, they attempted to replace the

principle young lady, who was right in the middle of becoming camera-ready, which

understandably led to quite a scene. Two words: No Bueno! But everything was all good again after they learned of

my personal on-camera preferences, which, as you might have already guessed,

exclude most music videos.

Trust me, I have nothing against them (or the young ladies

that perform in them), but personally, and professionally, I just prefer not to

be stamped or remembered by most as a “video vixen.” I’m an actress. Not a

model. Not a dancer. And if I am to be

featured in a music video, I’d like it to be directly related to my career in

some fashion, or at the very least, pass my checklist of “must nots” (items

dealing with the sexual exploitation and objectification of women).

I’ve turned down many opportunities when I could have used

the money, simply because in the bigger picture, it just didn’t fit for me. Much

to my surprise, all of the artists whom I’ve had to explain this to have been

extremely supportive, appreciative even, of my decision to limit my exposure in

this manner as a woman, even though we would be standing right in the middle of

their own video shoots.

Despite some of their lyrical content and video visuals,

I’ve come across those that really do understand that inside of the sexy

exterior of their visions are sisters, daughters, mothers and young ladies that

aspire to be seen as more than just “shake and jiggle.”

But I must admit, I am very much yin and yang. And there is

a tomboy inside of me that is just as strong as the girlie-girl; so if given

the opportunity to “do what the boys do” for a quick second - you know, laid

back and cool, ridin’ dirty and such. I may just have to jump on that one! But seriously, it just has to

make sense career-wise.

And honestly, I apply similar logic to my film and television

roles, although I do allow a little more leeway in these areas due to the fact

that acting is my focus. After my last article [Noree's Casting Couch], a member by the name of “chocolaterain”

posed a series of questions regarding what I will and won’t compromise to

further my career in film. All good questions indeed.

This past week, my New York agent called me to audition for

a movie that will no doubt be very popular among us hip-hoppers when it drops,

as it chronicles the lifetime of one of the industry’s greats - may he rest in

peace. The exposure for me would have been incredible among a certain audience.

However, I declined the audition.

The first role was for a young lady that lures the artist

into a hot tub, and then commences to “go down” on him. The second was for a

“groupie” that gets yanked out of bed naked and stomped to smithereens by wifey,

and the third role just had full back nudity for no reason at all. Now there’s

no doubt in my mind that there was plenty of real “hind parts” in this artist’s

life. But I just can’t show mine, not in that way.

But don’t get me all twisted. I’m not opposed to nudity or

love scenes in the least, nor am I ashamed of my body. As a matter of fact, I

enjoy watching some of them, and have already filmed one implied intimate scene

(without nudity) and am rehearsing for a role that may require silhouetted

nudity (shadows only) with my costar. But context

and depiction are everything to me. Everything.

At this stage in my career, I’m just not comfortable

depicting a “hyper-sexual ho,” video vixen, or scandalous seductress. I prefer

my on-screen intimacies to develop in the context of meaningful relationships

where the two characters develop some semblance of an emotional connection.

However, honestly speaking, if or when I am ever paid

upwards of several million plus per feature, perhaps I too will find myself

face down in front of a couch having a Monster’s

Ball (love ya Halle!). In the midst of what I stand for, I still am no

angel, and am just keeping it funky about the reality of individual

circumstances. Until then, you just gotta be my boyfriend. *wink*

After all, my dad is

somewhere out there watching - and typecasting is a bitch.

Love, Hip-Hip, and Naked Film,

Noree Victoria

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