I'm I just speaking for myself or for everyone because this is just B.S i mean all know ice cube is a good rapper and yes he shouldn't have done what he did but why I he getting sued for something that happened a long time ago I mean if the situation was so bad they should have handled right there and then and i know for a fact most of u people know a rapper that has done worse then what ice cube did and also some of u y'all wouldn't want be sued for something u did a year ago so why we hating on him for something that shouldn't have been brought up anymore I mean that's stupid im just saying he could of done way worse and y'all tripping over something that happened a long time ago come on people get real we all know his a good rapper 💯 just give the man a break cuz I know if he was ur family/friend y'all be saying the same stuff I'm saying right now and plus his only human people and u all want to sue him for something that should have been handled right in the beginning of the situation I'm just saying there things out there he could of done that are worse and still u wouldn't deal with the situation until like a year late 😑 that's so so and I mean so stupid give people a break... Period 💯


Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)
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