Ice Cube Breaks Down Hollywood, Puts Music On Hold

In a recent interview with Filmcritic, rapper

turned director/actor/producer Ice Cube

said that he was putting music on the back burner for movies. Cube, who's company

Cubevision is preparing to release All About The Benjamin, broke down the Hollywood

game. "In Hollywood, you can become a guy who's just waiting for the phone

to ring all the time. It's never how I've done it, never how I've handled my

career. I wanted to have a company that was dedicated to putting together things

that I'm interested in. Not only on an acting level, but on a producer level...

or whatever."

Cube explained that his career hasn't permitted

him to focus on music lately. "Music, in a way, is on the back burner,"

he said. "Right now it's easy because I ain't doing no music. I'm just

doing movies."

All About The Benjamin's is a comedy starring

Ice Cube as a bounty hunter named Bucum Jackson. The plot centers around stolen

diamonds and a lost lottery ticket worth millions.