Ice Cube Gives Federal Plan For Black America

Kershaw St. Jawnson

Ice Cube has taken it upon himself to craft a new plan for Black America to follow.

(AllHipHop News) What made NWA revolutionary was not the cussing and “gangsta” talk, the lyricism of a prolific 19-year-old.

Over 30 years later, he is still speaking out against injustice against Black people. However, as a grown man, he is not recording songs to get the message to the masses … he is producing comprehensive plans.

Inspired by the nation’s current civil unrest and protesting, the multi-hyphenated icon, Ice Cube, has put his ideas on paper.

The document is called “A Contract with Black America: Addressing Racial Inequality” and details the demands and concessions that African Americans need to see in the near future.

It is divided into seven sections:

Black Opportunity and Representation

Massive Bank Lending and Finance Reform

Additional Financial Reform

Judicial and Public Policy Reform

Constitutional Amendment Codifying Expansion of the 13th Amendment by the Courts

Entertainment Industry Reform

Reparations and Monuments and Institutions

Within Ice Cube’s program, he addresses ways to uplift the community by dismantling systemic racism and building equity models to help people have access to opportunities in major ways.

One way is by making sure that Black and brown kids can get into secondary schools, colleges, and universities that have a tradition of blocking out people of color.

The mandate is that all of these institutions have to meet or exceed 13.4% enrollment of minority students. The number is not random, but represents the actual percentage that Black people make up in America.

Cube's plan asks for not just police reform and more judges that look like the communities in which they serve, but for there to be a “codifying expansion” of the 13th Amendment.

He is also asking for reparations and new banking policies that do not make it so difficult for people of color to borrow or lend.

Should this document be taken seriously, financial reform, policy & legislative reform, and just an all-around rehaul of the system will be on the horizon.

Sometimes you have to “F##k the police” to get some attention. Ice Cube continues to show us to get it done.

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first before we put all this work in . I believe we must check who we are. Using names like Black, African Americans, niggrow will not help our cause. Look these names up, in black law dictionary 4th edition. It will state clearly way we can not continue to call ourselves or to allow others to call us those names.


Is ice cube the offspring of Al Sharpton?


This is good, but what I find interesting is how educational reform is never a part of the plan. If we overhauled our educational system everything else would HAVE to fall in line. We would literally rewrite the narrative and change the outcomes.

Affirmative action is not educational reform.


Why is it that all of his solutions start outside the home where people are raised? Oh I know cause that's where the money is.


I'm with you on this


That's what the fuck I'm talking about Cube.