Ice Cube Goes To Mars


Cube is taking more steps

to ensure his acting career is on the rise, this time signing

on with blockbuster director John Carpenter, and his upcoming

flick "Ghosts Of Mars". The movie will also star Hole

front woman Courtney Love.


movie takes place 175 years in the future, in a dusty frontier

mining town on Mars. A small squad of police have been sent to

transfer an extremely dangerous criminal, Desolation Williams,

back to the main administrative Martian city, Chryse. The heroine,

Melanie, is second in command of this squad. What no one realizes

is that mining operations have uncovered --and disturbed-- the

ruins of an ancient Martian civilization and unleashed a kind

of spiritual doomsday defense system that will relentlessly destroy

any alien presence (in this case, Earthlings) inhabiting Mars.

The movie is set to begin production in early 2001.