Ice Cube: Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett Will Join Big3 League One Day

Who do you want to see lace-up for the 3-on-3 summer games?

(AllHipHop News) The second season of BIG3 launched last week. While retired NBA players such as Baron Davis, Chauncey Billups, Rashard Lewis, Mike Bibby, and Kenyon Martin are competing for a title, co-founder Ice Cube hopes to get a few more big names to join the 8-team basketball league.

"Of course, we want everybody - Kobe [Bryant]. We want Paul Pierce. We want Kevin Garnett," said Cube in a short video interview. "They'll be there one day."

Garnett is currently a media personality associated with KG Area 21 and NEXT UP. Pierce is an NBA analyst for ESPN. Bryant has been involved in venture capital investing, and he won the Best Animated Short Film Academy Award in March for Dear Basketball.

Even though those Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy winners appear to be occupied during their post-NBA careers, BIG3 is filled with other talented ballers. Cube pointed out that Gary Payton‘s 3 Headed Monsters, Nancy Lieberman's Power, and Michael Cooper's 3’s Company are teams to watch this season.

BIG3 games air on Fox and Fox Sports 1.