Ice Cube's "Are We There Yet?" Tops Weekend Box Office

Ice Cube continues his hot streak at the box office, as his

comedy “Are We There Yet?” topped the box office this weekend, raking

in $18.5 million.

The movie, which

stars the former N.W.A. lead rapper opposite Nia Long, is a family flick about

a materialistic bachelor who falls for a single mother of two children.

The two children

go to any length to prevent a new man from entering their mother's life.

While winter weather on the East coast of the United States

prevented many from seeing the movie, Sony executives were thrilled with the

movie’s initial numbers.

"To do $18.5 million in spite of the weather is fantastic,"

Sony distribution chief Rory Bruer told Variety. “Even if it had been

perfect movie going conditions, it would have been terrific."

But the conditions were far from perfect, despite the impressive

box office numbers for Cube and company. Much of the Northeast region of the

United States was blanketed with over 2 feet of snow and hurricane strenght

winds, which shut down air travel and killed 13 people.

Another movie featuring a rapper debuted in the top ten as well.

“Assault on Precinct 13,” which stars The Inc. rapper

Ja Rule, took in $7 million dollars over the weekend.

According to executives who distributed “Assault on Precinct

13,” the weather played a factor in their opening numbers.

"In a lot of our dates, like Scranton, Penn., we might

as well not have been there. Everybody got wiped out," said Jack Foley,

an executive with Focus, the company distributing the film.

Ja Rule’s label mate Ashanti enjoyed a better weekend,

as the basketball drama “Coach Carter” in which she stars, took

second place, grossing $11 million.