Ice Cube's BIG3 Defeats The Champions Basketball League And Wins $21 Million

The rapper has emerged victorious in a case where a rival accused Cube of stealing.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Ice Cube has emerged victorious and flush with cash after winning a lawsuit against a company who claimed he stole the idea for the BIG3 basketball league.

The guys who run the Championship Basketball League filed a lawsuit against Ice Cube and The BIG3 back in 2017.

The $250 million lawsuit claimed Cube not only stole the idea but also looted the Championship Basketball League of all their talent.

The case was eventually dismissed, but Ice Cube filed a defamation suit against the Championship Basketball League, claiming The BIG3 was defamed by comments.

A judge recently sided with the legendary rapper and awarded him a $21 million judgment.

While Ice Cube has yet to comment, in a previous statement labeled "the head of the Champions League is a serial con-artist, fraudster, and Ponzi-schemer who blames his failures on others."

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