Ice Cube Says Cable Companies Trying To Block His Bid To Purchase 21 TV Stations

AllHipHop Staff

Cube has a beef with the guy who owns the Atlanta Braves.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Ice Cube is locked in a battle with a pair of powerful businessmen he claims are using their influence to screw up his bid for 21 TV channels Disney is selling.

Cube put together a group of investors to buy the sports channels, which are being sold by Disney for $10 billion.

A variety of companies put in their bids today, but Cube says two companies are not playing fair.

Cube says Charter Communications teamed with Atlanta Braves' owner John Malone and his company Liberty Media, to block Big3 as a "diverse and inclusive" competitor.

"The BIG3 is not part of the old boys club and that doesn't sit well with a company like Charter, which has been called out many times for unfair treatment of minority organizations and for consistent disregard of its own customers," Ice Cube said.

Liberty Media is trying to get a piece of the action with money backed by the MLB, while two other companies, Sinclair Broadcasting are also trying to get the 21 stations.

Ice Cube has lined up a number of heavyweights to back him, including Magic Johnson, Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams,

He submitted his final bid to Fox yesterday and met up with DOJ officials earlier today about John Malone's dirty tricks.

"Companies like Charter want to keep the old world and will bend the rules to do business with the same people in the same tired way," Ice Cube continued. "Just like they always have. But it's been way past time for a change. We have a vision for a more inclusive, more positive role for media in this country. The BIG3 buying the Fox RSNs is a big step into that future."

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We need you Ice cube to help the people with out a voice, cable is out of control, spectrum is our only option in Buffalo Ny, it would be nice if you can have cube vision cable tv I would pay for it, I believe you are the one to achieve this...


This will let us know if the Rumors are true about BC ...💪❤☝🙏


The setup continues.