Ice-T Agrees With Lord Jamar: Hip Hop Is Black Music


(AllHipHop News) Lord Jamar's stance that Hip Hop is Black music, and whites are guests to the culture had a lot of people, including Yelawolf and Buckshot, responding negatively to the Brand Nubian member's comments.

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Fellow Hip Hop legend, Ice-T, is on Jamar's side of the argument. The rapper/actor says he agrees that Hip Hop culture was formed from Black culture.

"Hip Hop is black music. It's not like if I was white, I could say I invented reggae," said Ice. "We gotta keep it real. Where did it come from? It came from black, ghetto kids. Probably the second people into Hip Hop would be the Puerto Ricans."

While Ice recognizes the history of where Hip Hop started, he also acknowledges that the culture has spread beyond the Black and Latino communities to reach other races as well. He also states that those individuals that pick up rap music should not disrespect it by not taking it seriously.

"It's definitely gonna cross racial lines," added Ice. He goes on to say, "If they have the correct respect it's cool, but it's not cool to come in and clown it and play with it. I'm gonna roll with Lord Jamar. That's my motherf**king man. I don't see what the big problem is. What's the problem? What is he saying that's not right?"

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Watch Ice-T's interview with VladTV below.