Ice-T Officially Launches Energy Drink And Clothing Line

Ice-T has officially launched several of his latest corporate properties. The rapper, his finance Coco, Keith Murray, a number of industry folks and a bevy of scantily clad models were on hand at Privelege Gentleman's Cabaret in New York to celebrate.

At the party Wednesday, Ice displayed his fashion line, Ice Wear, his energy drink, and even his newest CD Pimpin' 101.

"We're just trying to make the right moves - I been in the game 20 years," Ice-T told "I just want to get a business model up that I can get the things that I see are hot and put them out there. Then, everybody can make a dime.

Ice was especially excited about Pimpin' 101, which is the soundtrack to a porn flick he hosts. The legendary rapper stated that he'll have a number of high-profile artists on the compilation.

"I host the porno, I'm not in it. We got a soundtrack for it and we got SMG on it, Busta Rhymes on it, we got MOP, Amil, Cuban Link, Kool Keith," said the "Law & Order" star.

The rapper stated that he's going to start a line of DVD's with a New York-based company, Night Sessions.

"I love bootlegs, so I want to know how can we get something and keep the bootleg feel without costing a million dollars. We doing a deal with them where we distribute them. The only problem with them is they use a lot of music. There are ways of beating the licensing costs. If you have to pay every time a track comes on, you are going to get killed."

Ominously missing from the overt promotions was Royal Ice, T's distinct brand of malt liquor.