Ice T To Host New Car Racing Television Show

Ice-T will host a new television show based on

the newly formed auto race league, Bad Azz Drivers (B.A.D.).

"Ali" executive producer Lee Caplin,

racing legend Jay Penske, television producer Andre Jetmir and advertising executive

Peter Stranger, have described the show as the WWF of the auto racing world.

The events will be hosted on closed courses that

resemble city streets, complete with oil slicks, rain showers, downed trees

and pot holes.

"Compared to NASCAR, which is 75 percent

racing and 25 percent entertainment, B.A.D. will be more like the WWF of auto

racing where racing and entertainment run 50/50 and personality makes the difference,"

Jetmir said. "The street racing that has become so popular is dangerous

when done in an uncontrolled environment."

The first series is scheduled to kick off in

January 2005 in Southern California. One challenge requires drivers to maintain

a speed of 95 MPH through fake suburban streets for 20 minutes with police cars

in pursuit.

"We're taking street racing off the streets

and creating an environment where souped up every-day cars compete in a real-world,

urban environment that will attract crowds to the events and entertain TV audiences

across the country."