Iggy Azalea Could Be Next Yoga Mogul After Psychic's Advice

AllHipHop Staff

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea said she went to see a psychic, who told her to open up a brand new business.

(AllHipHop News) Iggy Azalea is considering a wellness business venture after a psychic told her to open a yoga studio.

The rapper, whose latest album In My Defense has flopped on the world’s charts, took to Twitter on Thursday to share her excitement about a possible new initiative with fans.

“It’s probably the best psychic reading I’ve ever had,” she wrote. “I’ve always had a passion for fitness, and she saw me owning my own yoga studio!”

The revelation comes weeks after her latest record debuted at a disappointing No. 50 on the Billboard 200 charts.

The "Fancy" hitmaker was upset by the reception to the release on social media but insisted she was determined to remain hopeful.

“Woke up today feeling a little defeated, ending the day feeling motivated,” she shared. “I think sometimes I feel defeated because I look at the chart and see how much streaming impacts it, and think, ‘How can I win when I’m up against THAT?’

“But I also feel like: ‘Okay, and?’ There are two options. Quit. Or shut up and just keep fighting. So I’ll keep on fighting!”

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I feel like Iggy self sabotaged herself with this album! Although "Sally Walker" was a solid start to the album promo afterwards she released "Started" and then "Just Wanna". This really screwed her gaining any positive traction for the album. Eventhough started is super catchy and a solid hit, the word FUk is used so many times radio wouldnt touch it. This along with her third single "Just wanna" where she basicly raps about riding dick and what must be made from 14 karrot gold "hot pussy" , lacks that broad popularity that her previous hits had. She needs a song NOT about pussy, dick, or Fuking in general with a good beat and she will be back at number one with no issues. "Fancy" made her a star, so she needs to consider the age group and fans who loved that song and follow the same format... Just my opinion. However Id rather more flopping records than her leave music for a yoga career. Worst advise ever! Maybe instead rap about being a yoga bitch and have an epic video to boot....I could seen that being number one! LMAO! 😁


I would join that yoga class


How is number 5 on the charts disappointing haha