Iggy Azalea Has To Re-Record Album Because Her Hard Drive Crashed

Technology has ruined Iggy's upcoming new release.

(AllHipHop News) A technical glitch forced Iggy Azalea to re-record her vocals for her comeback album.

The rapper reveals her hard drive crashed and she couldn't retrieve files that featured portions of the songs she had recorded for "In My Defense."

Iggy revealed all via Twitter, telling fans she hoped to have the record completed by Friday.

"My hard drive crashed last week. it was unrecoverable," she wrote. "I used a dif engineer for a few sessions and only saved that work to my drive so not everything was double backed up. I didn't lose full songs. I'm hope to be done officially on Friday."

Iggy later told a worried fan, "I didn't lose any songs, I just don't have updated vocals to some things and so have had to re record vocals etc. It's small but time consuming.''

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Everything with this chick is a lie but who cares? It’s not like she lost some fire lyrics or anything. More of the same- twerk, pic, appropriation, twerk, lie repeat LMAO