Iggy Azalea Instructs Fans To Harass Radio Stations To Help Struggling Single

The rapper is calling on her fans to help her get some more airplay.

(AllHipHop News) Iggy Azalea has urged her fans to hassle radio stations in order to boost the success of her new song "Sally Walker."

The Australian rapper released her latest single on March 15 and it went straight into the U.S. iTunes chart at #4.

However, it's since dropped down and now Azalea is asking for her fans to help.

Taking to Twitter the 28-year-old wrote: "So... what radio stations are we going to harass today?"

Hours later, she returned to the social media site and added: "We need to stream 'Sally Walker' on this particular playlist so it can be added to more of them," alongside a screen grab of the Pop Rising playlist.

Azalea found mainstream fame back in 2014 with her hit "Fancy."

The last time the singer made the top five on the Billboard charts was with her single "Black Widow" the same year.

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Brown Shuga
Brown Shuga

Iggy you gotta stop this...your musics bangin, you yourself, top shelf. Dont ask anyone for nothing. Believe me its gonna happen on it's own.


She went on a long pause.. bowed to pressure.. stay outta social media for a long time.. and eventually lost her spot... she has to struggle to get it back..